Sunday, February 01, 2009

Walking with Friends

I've talked about 'Stayin' Alive' in 2009. We've looked at our first gadget - the PC on a low speed treadmill, constructed one and started using it. What about our friends? especially our animal friends?
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Parties and Meetings

Probably the classic party with treadmills - I never get tired of watching this one - OK Go and the "here it goes again" Treadmill Dance:

Of course, all your friends have to bring their treadmills too. If you can get a setup like the Salo office here, then meetings can be held while walking:


Some Cats just seem to love the exercise. It's important to let them decide when they've had enough.

Cats can enjoy walking with you on the treadmill too, so long as it is at an easy pace for them. They seem to feel like they're on patrol, going on a hunt with you.

It's not for all cats of course. This one is not planning to walk anywhere:

And this is an example of exactly how to introduce your cate to the treadmill. It's a first time experience, although the video is obviously slightly longer than normal to catch the process.

And finishing cats with a cute white Persian:

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