Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Swapping to Ubuntu - another useful experience

The Linux movement is strong throughout Asia and Eastern Europe. This article suggests that Ubuntu is pretty easy to substitute for most users, but the author cae across enough problems to recognise that there is still a need for advice.

Philippine News -- Manila Standard Today -- Life without Windows -- june27_2006
For Windows users, downloading and installing new software on Linux can be rather daunting. Where’s the .EXE file? What do you do with the downloaded file (called a package, in Linux)? What file do you run? Fortunately, Ubuntu takes care of most of these problems for you. A program called Synaptic Package Manager takes care of finding new programs and installing them for you. These are sorted by program types, but the sheer number may be overwhelming. When I ran Synaptic Package Manager, it happily reported that there were more than 18,808 programs available, only 1,221 of which I had installed.

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