Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thought for the Day: Design and Products

We've had a number of comments about the cumbersome name of the Institute of Government Business Analysis and Process reengineering. Quite valid too. "IGBAPR" doesn't roll off the tongue easily. But the reason underneath this is our concern that the IT discipline and the Business discipline must work together if the outcome is to be successful. BA's that just automate the existing process do no-one any favours. That's why I've linked to this entry: | brain | Design and Products

"Thought for the day: It’s not hard to create good designs; it’s hard to create well-designed products.

The difference? Any industrial design student can create a beautiful design, but to become real products, a design has to make it through a company’s entire product creation chain. Companies that make this process easier (read: Google), or have champions/dictators to force things through (read: Apple/Steve Jobs), will end up with better-designed products.

Good design depends as much on business process as it does on designers."

Well... how true. It applies to all our ICT projects. Ultimately they almost all relate to business processes.

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