Tuesday, March 28, 2006


John C. Dvorak - the thoughtful, irritatingly prescient columnist from PC Magazine has started a new video site - can I call it a vlog? - not technically, I suppose. Anyway, it's a great way to keep across new trends and social issues related to ICT. JD gets a pretty knowledgeable crew together for each show. I'm in - and it's free.

Today's Guests:

Sebastian Rupley – West Coast Editor, PC Magazine

Peter Galli- Senior Editor, eWeek

David Spark – Host of ‘The Communications Insider’

The Topics:

CeBIT... Dvorak dissects the massive trade show hosted in Germany.
Origami: More powerful than a PDA, smaller than a laptop Who's gonna buy it?

RFID Chip Infection: Nothing new here, or yet another thing to worry about?

Web 2.0... is Web 3.0 here already?

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