Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Zudeo now Public

P2P company Azureus has a new video-sharing beta in the works called Zudeo, which is up and ready for users right now.
Zudeo supports long-form full-resolution and even hi-def video in addition to the video podcasts and indie music typical to video-sharing sites.

For long-form stuff that you want to watch or distribute in a higher resolution than streaming video--like the 69-minute "Reefer Madness," online now!--a solution like Zudeo makes sense. For shorter/lower-rez stuff, though, why not go with a lighter solution like YouTube (and one that doesn't require downloading a client app)?

Aspiring video distributors: Zudeo hosting is free while it's in beta, and the site says they'll host your content free for at least 12 months no matter when the beta testing wraps up.

Video presenters! Zudeo also provides links to your content that you can embed in blogs and other sites.

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