Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kanguru 32GB Flash Max Drive KFDM-32G at

Another gadget has snuck into the blog. 32 Gigabytes on a normal-looking thumb drive! Gadzooks!

Kanguru 32GB Flash Max Drive KFDM-32G at "Kanguru 32GB Flash Max Drive
The Kanguru Flash Max is a high strength, high capacity USB2.0 flash drive that stores up to 32GB! The Kanguru Flash Max sports a rugged aluminum exterior housing that provides durability and ultimately extends the life of the drive. Operates on Windows, Mac and Linux, most without any device drivers.

The Kanguru Flash Drive Max comes complete with KanguruShield security software, allowing Windows users the option of password protection for secure data. The KanguruShield software allows users to resize and format the flash drive space into public and/or private partitions. Setting up the KanguruShield security software is easy and user friendly!"

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