Saturday, June 26, 2004

e-Commerce Web Site Scorecard

I found this old set of scorecard measures for ecommerce sites and am sharing it because it is still a useful base for further measures. The measurment site used to publish this information so it was commercialy useful.

To create the criteria we review all of the features and services that are delivered online (and to some degree offline) across an industry. All criteria evaluated by the Scorecard are technically and economically feasible, as well as permissible from a regulatory perspective.
... Scorecard categories are:

1. Ease of Use: The Web site of a top firm in this category boasts a consistent and intuitive layout with tightly integrated content and functionality, useful demos and extensive online help. Roughly 30 to 50 criteria points are assessed, including:

  • Demonstrations of functionality.

  • Simplicity of account opening and transaction process.

  • Consistency of design and navigation.

  • Adherence to proper user interaction principles.

  • Integration of data providing efficient access to information commonly accessed by consumers.

2. Customer Confidence: The leaders in this category operate highly reliable Web sites, maintain knowledgeable and accessible customer service organizations, and provide quality and security guarantees. Roughly 30 to 50 criteria points are assessed, including:

  • Availability, depth, and breadth of customer service options, including phone, e-mail, and branch locations.
    Ability to accurately and readily resolve a battery of telephone calls and e-mails sent to customer service, covering simple technical and industry-specific questions.

  • Privacy policies, service guarantees, fees, and explanations of fees.

  • Each ranked Web site is monitored every five minutes, seven days a week, 24 hours a day for speed and reliability of both public and secure (if available) areas.

  • Financial strength, technological capabilities and independence, years in business, years online, and membership organizations.

3. On-Site Resources: The top firms in this category not only bring a wide range of product and services and information onto the Web, but provide depth to these products and services through a full range of electronic account forms, transactions, tools and information look-up. Roughly 30 to 50 criteria points including:

  • Availability of specific products.

  • Ability to transact in each product online.

  • Ability to seek service requests online.

4. Relationship Services: Firms build electronic relationships through personalization, by enabling customers to make service requests and inquiries online and through programs and perks that build customer loyalty and a sense of community. Roughly 30 to 50 Criteria points are assessed, including:

  • Online help, tutorials, glossary and FAQs.

  • Advice.

  • Personalization of data.

  • Ability to customize a site.

  • Re-use of customer data to facilitate future transactions.

  • Support of business and personal needs such as tax reporting or repeated-buying.

  • Frequent buyer incentives.

5. Overall Cost: Gomez looks at the total cost of ownership for a typical basket of services customized for each customer profile. Costs include:

  • A basket of typical services and purchases.

  • Added fees due to shipping and handling.

  • Minimum balances.

  • Interest rates.

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